Verse one

It starts with a feeling -like I finally found- what I’m looking for.

It’s so familiar, -like I’ve been- there so many times before.

Always on my mind -and I know- I gotta have some more.

I know I know I gotta have some more


I’m feeling that chemistry. Feeling that chemistry, Chemistry, if you wanna be with me…

That magical force between us will determine our destiny.

It’s all about the chemistry if you wanna be with me

Verse Two

Tingles up and down, -every time- she calls my name.

I can’t control myself -and I’ve got- nobody else to blame.

Can’t stop thinking about her -and I’m hoping- that she feels the same.

I’m praying… praying that she feels the same.


Verse Three

When she touches me –feels like-she’s a part of me.

Instant ecstasy every time she smiles at me.

Seems like destiny - like our love- was meant to be

Our love was meant to be


Just Friends

Verse One

Take my eyes and see you like I do.  You’d realize why I’m crazy ‘bout you.

Lend me your eyes, I’d have the perfect view.

I’d know how to make my dream come true.


And I’d never have to read your mind again.  Never have to play games or pretend.

Maybe someday I might comprehend what you mean when you say… Just friends,

When you say just friends (repeat)

Verse Two

Take my heart and you’ll know just how I feel.

You’d know from the start my love for you is real.

Lend me your heart, I’d let it beat one time.

I’d know just how to make your heart mine.


‘Cause I’ve been loving you since way back when.

I can’t bear to have to see this end.

One more chance so we can try again

But will you ever bend? Why must we be just friends?

Verse Three

I wanna crawl inside and know just how you feel.

I’d understand and know just how to deal.

With the heartache and the pain that somehow might explain.

Why we don’t feel the same.


Life is a Movie

Verse One

Life is a movie if you know what I mean. My mind’s the projector the world is the screen. Yeah the world is my screen


I live inside a nonstop movie machine. I’m always acting out every scene.

I only wish I had some say in what’s playing inside of my head today

What’s playing inside of my head today? (repeat)

Verse Two

Yeah the movies keep on playing inside of my built in machine. Alone inside my audience I’m watching every scene.



It’s a Wonderful Life, a true Love Story, Home Alone with my Pretty Woman I’m in my Glory, I’m in Pleasantville, I’m Feeling Big,  but In a flash she’s Gone With the Wind… my American Beauty is Gone With the Wind.... 

It’s a Nightmare on Elm Street, I’m feeling Shame, It’s been A Hard Day’s Night, It’s a Crying Game, I’m in the Twilight Zone, It’s just Another Fine Mess, It’s like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I’m going Psycho, I’m having Bad Dreams, I’m feeling Dumb and Dumber, I just wanna Scream and I want to get back to my Wonderful Life (2X)

Verse Three

Life is a movie. You never know what to expect. A comedy one day a horror the next.

Such a horror the next.




Waiting on the Day

Verse One

I’ve been searching endlessly. There’s someone out there just for me.

So I’ll keep waiting patiently ‘til I reach my destiny.

And I have heard there comes a time where the universe aligns.

and all good things will come my way.


You gotta lose that doubt, lose that fear turn around and she will appear.

It’s gonna feel so good it’ll feel so right she’s gonna ask you where you been all my life.

And I’ll say…

I’ve been waiting on the day (3 times)

Verse Two

Countless faces endless names, it always turns out just the same.

Can’t go on playing these foolish games.

‘Cause I believe love has a plan enexplained by any man.

It always seems to find it’s way.


I’ve been searching endlessly. There’s someone out there just for me.

So I’ll keep waiting patiently ‘til I reach my destiny.

‘Cause I believe love has a plan enexplained by any man.

It always seems to find it’s way.

I’m just waiting on the day.


Wastin’ Away

Verse One

Two O’Clock Middle of the day drinking a beer and I’m feeling OK

I’m Just sitting here wastin’ away

Thinking about all the things she said and all the crazy ideas running through her head

So I’m just sitting here wastin away. (3 times)


Cause I don’t want to be the one to say…

but things could not have happened quite that way

And you won’t listen to a word I say, you won’t believe me any way

now we’re wasting away (3 Times)

Verse two

3 o’clock middle of the day pouring some shots and I’m feeling OK

I’m just sitting here wastin’ away… wastin away

I checked the facts I have the proof now we both know who’s not telling the truth

now I’m sitting here wastin away wasting away


Verse three

4 oclock middle of the day lighting a bowl and I’m feeling OK

I’m just sitting here wastin’ away

You know you’re never gonna see the light with your head in the sand and your eyes shut tight

I’m just sitting here wastin away… wastin’ away



Cross Over the Line


Well she was standing there in line right next to me

Had a feeling inside like it was meant to be

I need somebody who can set me free

You ain’t no raving beauty but you’re looking pretty good to me


Sooner or later there comes a time.

You’re ready to cross over the line (2x)


She looked at me with those big brown eyes

Sent tingles runnin’ up and down my spine

The only thought runnin’ inside my mind

I hope she don’t find out I’m crossin’ over the line  



She looked at me and she closed the door

I had never ever seen that look before

I closed my eyes and prayed for more

I just made believe that I’d been there before


Paint a Picture

Verse One

Can’t tell where I’m going. Don’t remember where I’ve been.

Searching for the missing passage and for someone to let me in.

If I could paint a picture, red yellow green and blue.

I could fill my empty canvas

With a perfect blend of me and you. (2x)


If I could paint a picture I would hang it on the wall.

But I’ve got no artistic talent and no magic crystal ball.

If I could paint a picture where all my dreams come true…

I would paint it and it would look just like you.

Verse Two

There ain’t no rhyme or reason making any sense to me.

I am running out of patience.

This can’t be the way it was meant to be.


I’ve heard people say love is gonna find a way.

Day after day love is gonna find a way.

Verse One

Can’t tell where I’m going.

Don’t remember where I’ve been.

Searching for the missing passage

and for someone to let me in.


Ready to Fly

Verse One

I’ve been waiting all this time for this moment to arrive.

Been preparing all these years, all the money is on the line.

I’ve been up I’ve been down I’ve been pushed to the ground

I’ve been stuck right in the middle and I’ve been round and round.


But now all is fine. Things are looking good to me this time….

I’m ready, ready to fly.  Deep into the endless sky (repeat)

Verse Two

It’s the bottom line, it’s judgment time.

And still it seems like it’s all inside my mind.

I’ve been bad I’ve been good I’ve been misunderstood

Ahh but things are about to turn out just like they should


Verse Three

I have laughed I have cried. I have searched far and wide

but I still don’t seem to be so satisfied.

And there ain’t no looking back this is do or die.

It’s time for me to spread my wings and fly


All Songs written by Jeff Blum and Tony DeMarco Copyright 2019

From the Album "Life is a Movie

From the Album "Vacation in Paradise"

Build it

Verse One

You’ve got a very bright future the teacher said to me.

Yesterday is gone only tomorrow can set you free.

Stop thinking about the who the how what the why the when and where the will come from… cause when all is said and done…


Just Build it and they will come, (2x)


Build it and they will come.

Get yourself out there and get the job done

and you can change the world one by one.

If you Build it they will come

Verse Two

Your past is not your future. The teacher reminded me.

You can get anything you want. Be anything you want to be.

Don’t spend your time thinking about all the reasons why it will never work out.

Stop believing that it’s something that just can’t be done…




Close your eyes and see it clear. Crush your anger and your fear.

And all your doubts will disappear and when all is said and done.



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