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Jeff Blum is a New Jersey based singer / songwriter / guitarist and recording artist. He is on a musical mission to provide starving rock music fans with much needed great new rock music.


If you yearn for those good old days when rock music was king then you're not alone and you've come to the right place. Jeff Blum's music is the perfect combination of meaningful lyrics and catchy rockin' music that will put you right back in the 70's. All of the songs are rock based but at the same time feature and highlight a different genre of music from blues to rock to jazz to funk to reggae and all things in between. Enjoy! 

About Tony De Marco



The other half of the Jeff Blum songwriting partnership, Jersey native Tony DeMarco was born to play guitar. He was handed a guitar by his father at the age of five years old and the rest as they say, is history.

He has studied and mastered all styles including Blues, Jazz, Classical and of course his favorite, Rock. He spent his teen years gigging up and down the Jersey Shore.

Tony spent the bulk of his professional career playing for the number one wedding band of the two top Wedding entertainment agencies in New Jersey.

He is also an elite guitar instructor specializing in working with gifted students.  He has a full schedule of students and a long waiting list.

His passion though is to work with up and coming songwriters and is honored to be the writing partner of Jeff Blum.

In just a span of 3 years (including 2020) they have managed to write and record 3 terrific albums of wonderful music and they are still going strong.

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